we deliver hope

All parents deserve the right to nurture their children and the opportunity to provide for their family. Every child deserves the right to live a healthy life and pursue his or her dreams. Although the basic human rights of purpose and protection may seem a given to some, there are millions of deserving people who are unable to provide these things for themselves and their loved ones. Due to harsh environments and sub-standard living conditions, men, women and children around the world fail to meet their full potential. The source of this dire dilemma is the need for the most basic yet vital resource—clean water.

we transform communities

AQUAFOR believes that every human deserves the right to live a healthy and fulfilling life. For us, that starts with fresh, clean water. We believe in uplifting the lives of millions by providing clean water around the world to people living in areas of drought and poor sanitation. By providing clean water in areas of need, AQUAFOR will save people countless hours dedicated to securing water, enabling them to spend more time bettering their own lives and the lives of those around them.

we save lives

Although clean water primarily quenches thirst, it also solves a multitude of problems that prevent millions in rural areas from pursuing a fulfilling life. Access to clean water significantly lowers the risk of contracting water-related illnesses, and allows more time for men and women to earn a living and for their children to attend school. Ultimately, providing clean water decreases the death rate, lowers the cost of medical treatment and provides an economic boost to areas in need.