Our Advantage

Comprehensive Solutions to the Global Water Crisis

The AQUAFOR Competitive Edge

AQUAFOR takes pride in offering a comprehensive suite of turnkey solutions to end the global clean water crisis. The Borelite Drill, AQUAFOR’s state-of-the-art drill, is a rugged and easily transported drill designed to supply fresh water in the most remote and drought-stricken regions of the world with unparalleled functionality and ease of use. In addition to manufacturing the Borelite Drill, AQUAFOR mediates the drill delivery, local training, monitoring, water storage and sustainability once the water source has been established.

Turnkey from Start to Finish

Identifying Projects

  • Locate communities in need of a clean water source
  • Contact local leaders to propose AQUAFOR solutions
  • Deploy resources to project area


  • Identify industrial participation needs
  • Execute offset agreements
  • Coordinate contractors
  • Monitor project status after completion

Borelite Drill: Manufacturing and Delivery

  • AQUAFOR will build a new Borelite Drill per project
  • Deliver the Borelite Drill anywhere in the world on the participating parties’ behalf
  • Drill a new fresh water source
  • Train locals on operation and maintenance of the Borelite Drill
  • Construct the necessary purification and water storage as needed to sustain clean water

Financial Guarantee

  • All project management, delivery and on-site work come at no cost to contributing parties until a working clean water solution has been established.
  • Cost is divided evenly between contributing parties.