AQUAFOR Welcomes VP of Global Partnerships Logan Stanton to the Executive Team to Execute Sustainable Clean Water Solutions


As AQUAFOR continues to increase its footprint and capabilities, CEO Matthew Talbert brings on Logan Stanton as VP of Global Partnerships to build a global network of water professionals around AQUAFOR’s suite of water solutions. Stanton adds extensive international business and military experience to the AQUAFOR executive team, focused on finding cost-effective solutions to overcome water sustainability challenges. Stanton combines a philanthropic approach with tactical military precision to accomplish AQUAFOR’s humanitarian endeavors.

Stanton began his international work after earning his MPA from Harvard University’s Kennedy School, with concentrations in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution. From 2005 to 2012, Stanton served as Head of North America for the World Economic Forum. There, he directed the organization’s engagement toward selected senior government officials, offices and agencies. Stanton also served as President and Co-Founder of Center of Mass LLC, a professional international consulting firm.

As an Army Officer, Stanton directed a battalion of men for the Joint Special Operations Command in Iraq and Afghanistan, and later served as a Captain in Special Operations Command. “Serving in the Army gave me the opportunity to travel and work alongside other cultures in challenging environments, which gave me a great appreciation for the complexity of many global issues. I am excited to bring my unique mix of military and non-profit experience to help AQUAFOR succeed in its mission.”

In the short term, Stanton will create strategic partnerships to form a community of organizations that integrate best practices in clean water delivery around AQUAFOR’s Borelite Drill and accompanying solutions. Stanton understands that providing clean water to millions in need will require a local focus in the target regions. “The biggest challenge will be developing solutions that are lasting,” says Stanton. “Sustainability is a word that has become overused, but exactly applies to water. Where is the water, how do we collect it and can you continue to do it this way? Water is a communal resource, and it takes a community to guard and manage this precious commodity.”

Ultimately, Stanton aims to stimulate widespread participation from large organizations to collectively solve the global water crisis. “I want to use my training and experience for a higher purpose. Our mission is a noble one and success will ultimately come from bringing clean water to suffering communities around the world.”

About AQUAFOR: AQUAFOR is a Paso Robles, CA based company that provides turnkey, scalable solutions to rural and drought-stricken areas around the world. Founded on the belief that all human beings deserve a healthy environment and economic stability, AQUAFOR strives to deliver clean water and aid to developing regions in need