The Borelite Drill

Providing Access to Clean Water, One Well at a Time.



Today, 884 million people have no access to clean water, and waterborne diseases account for 6,500 deaths every day. The purpose of the Borelite Drill is to bring a permanent solution to those in desperate need of clean water, and ultimately, to transform and save lives.

The Borelite Drill is a state-of-the-art and life-saving solution to the global water crisis. This revolutionary drill has the ability to provide sustainable clean water to the most drought-stricken areas of the world for a fraction of the time and money as previously perceived.

Although drilling has been used by clean water activists for years, the drills themselves have often been restricted by their large size and mechanics. These drills are often hard to transport to remote areas where water is scarcest and require numerous parts and complicated training to operate.

The Borelite Drill solves these problems with its revolutionary design and mechanics. Uniquely inexpensive and portable, the Borelite Drill is designed specifically for remote locations which are difficult to access with conventional, large-scale drilling equipment. Easily towed by vehicle, the Borelite Drill can be stationed by existing populations, minimizing the time and energy previously dedicated to fetching water. The Borelite Drill’s robust and study construction is also design to withstand the harshest conditions.

In addition, the Borelite Drill can be operated by just one person and requires minimal training. A successful well has the capacity to provide 3000 people in rural areas with clean water. After a well has been dug, the Borelite Drill can then be relocated to the next project. It’s built to drill anywhere, anytime, and under any conditions.

Affordable, Portable and Convenient Solution to Clean Water Access.

The Borelite Drill ships 3-4 units per a standard 40 ft shipping container. Once on the ground, the rig is towed behind a typical pickup truck with 3,400 kg (7500 lb) of towing capacity to its working destination. The Borelite Drill was designed with parts readily available throughout the world, making manufacturing, service and maintenance more convenient.

  • 152 m (500 ft) mainline cable
  • 10 cm to 25 cm (4 in to 10 in) bore diameter
  • 151 L (40 gal) water storage
  • 45 PSI water pump
  • 9,100 kg (20,000 lb) lift capacity
  • 133 L (25 gal) gas fuel tank
  • Easy-to-operate, ergonomic control placement
  • Penetration of .3 m to 1.5 m/hour
  • 4-point leveling system for more control and stability
  • Reduces costs (1 comparable rotary rig is equivalent in price to 12 Borelite rigs)
  • Drills unconsolidated materials at 4 ft per hour
  • Total time from set up to clean water — less than 48 hours
  • Drills through solid rock at 2 ft per hour
  • Eliminates the need for highly trained operators, requiring only one man that can be easily trained in the field
  • Requires less equipment than most drills (no mud pump or air compressor needed)
  • Designed to be extremely durable for harsh conditions and drought-stricken areas

The Borelite Advantage

Advantages Borelite PAT
Low cost of sustained operation (fuel, water, personnel) Yes No
One-man operation Yes No
Non-proprietary parts, available worldwide Yes No
Standard unit drills through rock Yes No
Number of units shipped in a 20 ft. container 2 No
Eliminates the need for mud pump and air compressor Yes No
Water required for drilling operations < 40 gal. > 40 gal.
Ground support and anchoring equip standard Yes No
No technical training required Yes No